5 Wood Floor Hacks Every Homeowner Needs To Know

Wood Floor

If you are thinking to style up your house then hardwood floors are the best way. You need to realize that there are several types of wood and they come in different colors which look absolutely amazing over any floor. But there is a c greater problem attached to it that this type of clothes need very careful maintenance else the condition gets very worst. It is not always easy to maintain them as it is a difficult process so you need to take time out and follow the 5 steps which are mentioned in this article. If you will follow the quick easy hacks mentioned below then you will never be disappointed by how your hardwood floor look.

Cleaning Of Other Than Carpet Overlocking



After getting done with carpet overlocking you need to get one portion of the vinegar and two portions of oil. Wish you that you are using canola oil as this oil works the best. Now all you need to do if to use a cotton cloth to wipe the mixture over to the scratches. But free to make sure that you are rubbing it very gently over the wood. After following this procedure you will notice that you get an instant cleaner look.

Remove Gum From MacArthur Wool Carpet With An Ice Cube

If you are hardwood floors has gotten a chewing gum attached then all you need to do is make use of an ice cube. Stuck chewing gum is really a pain to get away with so make sure that you only make use of the ice cube. Now, first of all, you have to make the chewing gum gets frozen by rubbing the ice cube over. Then simply by the use of razor just get the chewing gum away from the floor. Yes, it was as simple as that.


Have you ever heard that you are tea bags can also clean the floor? Just get four of them and boil in a quarter cup of water. Let the mixture boil for as long as possible. The stronger the solution will be the better. But remember that if you have a wood floor which is lighter in color then never let the solution remain for long on the boil. With the help of a cloth, you need to put it in the mixture and rub it over to the floor for the shining Outlook.


Even a toothpaste can help you out to remove the permanent marker from your floor just rub it with any microfiber cloth and you are good to go.

Iron Usage For Dents

If you get any dents on your hardwood than iron is there to help. You need to do is the heat of the iron and with the help of some water wet the floor. Now move the hot iron in a circle. Repeat for a couple of minutes and you are done.

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